A Year Away From Home & Figuring Out It Was Where I Wanted To Be Deep In My Heart All Along

I was away from home and my parents for one year and two days. I can’t say anything specific about where I was but I will say this: I am very thankful for the experience because I finally have realized I will be okay without my parents. I made some tough decisions while I was there on my own without consulting them. The final decision was to admit myself into the university hospital for a few days without telling everyone right away except for one staff member who provided transportation. It was a very nice hospital and made me want to stay in the area but I can’t afford the rent prices without a roommate and I had two roommates where I was and they didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I had a part time pre-vocational job, my relationship lasted a few months, and my boss was my best friend.

With assistance from staff and medical professionals, I discovered one of my meds was at a dangerously high level so I had to have a major medication adjustment. Now to top off all of my mental health issues my kidneys are off too. I now have mild chronic kidney disease. I really liked my kidney doctor there and I hope I can find a good one here.

I love my psychiatrist and therapist here and I can’t wait to go back to them and see them again.

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