Letting Go And Presenting My Research

Online support groups can be a big help.  Encouraging words from others can help us get through our biggest struggles.  I recently got out of a relationship that meant a lot to me and I was trying to be friends with the other person but it was not working out for me.  I miss him every day and I wish I could do something about it.  I have learned to appreciate the friends I have and my family even more.  I should be focusing on this preparation I am doing for this webinar.  Sometime this year I am presenting my research on concurrent severe mental illness and autism and how to improve employability for this special population of consumers.  I have lost my passion for the subject because I have been so focused on my issues.  I have a lot of great resources but I struggle with putting together my research in ways that are easy to present to others and make it interesting. I can’t help but wonder if I would still be passionate about it if I hadn’t just gotten out of a relationship.

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